August Auuumish Mmm… Ahhs…

I know that I shouldn’t label non-tech Mmm… Ahhs… out there as Amish, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration.

There were too many things to feel lovely about in August so I divided my monthly Mmm.. Ahh… post into a tech/app one and this one, which is non-tech/app.

Foldable Shooting Earmuffs: 

If anyone is interested, here is the pair that I got.

This one may sound weird since I don’t actually know how to shoot a gun… and given the fact that I have terrible eyesight, I probably shouldn’t learn how.

I like to work in public spaces when I read or write because it lets me feel like I’m being more social than I am. I can very easily go for days just reading and writing without actually remembering to talk to people or respond to texts so I guess people who try to keep in contact with me in real life sometimes feel like they’re talking to a girl who falls down a well every couple of weeks. The upshot of hanging out with someone like me is the fact that I’ll usually come back bearing the gift of esoteric facts.

Considering the reality that reading and writing will be my life for the next three years at law school, these earmuffs are great. They look like normal headphones so I don’t stand out in a coffee shop and they block noise. I used to use earplugs but they would hurt my ears after a couple of hours and aren’t very good for ear health in general. I also used to just wear noise blocking headphones without any sound on, but they don’t block noise as well as these shooting earmuffs do and they hurt after an hour or so of wear from my experience.

Neil Degrasse Aloe and Legos: 

I got a plant. The last plant that I every owned now resides in Rhode Island with a friend’s mom because taking care of it was too overwhelming for me. cactus.png

That was four or five years ago but I’m still not sure if I can keep a plant alive. Since the last plant I got was a bamboo plant, I decided to stay in the low-maintenance range of plant-keeping(?) gardening (?) What do you call it when you try to urban farm a single plant (?) and got an aloe. I named him Neil Degrasse Aloe.

Neil Degrasse Aloe.png

Since my plant-keeping skills are dubious at best, I decided to design a self-irrigating planter that would take the guess work out of watering. It’s not done yet but I wanted to design something in the MC Escher theme and came up with this design using Legos

Lego Box.png

Bear with me. I want to pour quickrete into this Lego mold that I built, so the negative space will be the actual box. Then I will build two more molds of stairs built out of Legos that will also have quickrete poured into them. I’m going to use the stairs to balance the potted plant and the bottom of the box will be filled with water. That way, when I string a piece of twine through the bottom of the potted plant, the system will basically self-irrigate until it runs out of water.

Let me know if anything I’ve just written sounds like a horrible plan.

Hopefully if my grand design works, I’ll be urban farming more single potted plants soon.


I keep referring to the fact that I’m moving, and I promise I am. I just like to start things really early and packing was no exception. Here’s my plan: I think I’ll unpack what I REALLY need when I get to my new home but will kepe everything else packed. At the end of the year, I’ll evaluate what I didn’t unpack and get a sense of what I really need to live and hopefully thrive.

Baby Buddhist Monks: 

Meet Nongkorn, he along with Loca the Special Pug and Milos Raonic’s mid-game faces are my favorite things on the internet. I have a list of pictures/videos on the internet that I go to when I need a life pick-me-up.


Anyways, I’m trying to read The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington but am having a really hard time. For three consecutive days, I’ve managed to fall asleep 30 minutes into reading so I’m either very suggestible or I need to sleep more. Regardless, this baby buddhist monk is basically my spirit guide:

Watch this video and you’ll see why. I’ve definitely remember helicopteoring like this mid-lectures in college.



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